High Scores

This league is about so much more than high scores, although we do see some great games, and every now and again even a 300.  This site was originally designed by a beautiful person whom many of us had the good fortune to meet and spend time with in our sojourn on planet earth.  He is no longer with us in person but his spirit lives on in our Christopher Smith sportsmanship award and his fingerprints are still all over this website.  So it’s true, some of the tabs are not up to date, and if we started all over today this site would be a lot simpler.  But for now we like it the way it is and will continue to update the most relevant pieces as the league moves on into the future, while keeping some of the others as a reminder of what once was.   Come bowl with us, or check us out on facebook.com/knqbowling for (perhaps) a slightly more current update.

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